Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – narrowing of the spinal canal, mainly caused by a combination of aging and degenerative changes in the spine, which is manifested by pain in the lower back and lower extremities, as well as weakness in the legs.


Lower back pain

Pain radiating into the lower extremities

Symptom of neurogenic intermittent lameness – progressive pain and numbness in the legs when walking, which may improve after a short rest or leaning forward.


The “gold” standard for diagnosis of Lumbar Spine Stenosis is MRI of the lumbar spine.

We provide up to 20 different epidural steroid injections weekly. We have the largest application experience in Ukraine.

Treatments we provide:

Spinal injections under X-ray control. For symptoms of Spinal Stenosis, spinal injections of a hormonal anti-inflammatory agent in combination with a local analgesic agent are very effective. This procedure reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Please note that tomographic control ensures the correctness of the procedure and increases its effectiveness. A procedure performed without control is most often ineffective.

Surgery. Surgery may be considered if non-surgical management does not improve symptoms.

All Surgeries we provide are made endoscopically (through small holes).

Benefits of endoscopic Decompression Surgery for Spinal Stenosis:

– Small incision (less than 1 cm) leads to reduced risk of infection and minimal surgery-related blood loss

– Minimal trauma to surrounding tissues

– Low postoperative pain

– 1-3 nights in a hospital

– Fast recovery with minimal rehabilitation, quick return to your usual lifestyle

– Low relapse rate

– Better functional and cosmetic result

– Often there is no need for expensive implants

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