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Arthritis of the intervertebral joints of the spine can often be a cause of discomfort and pain.

As a rule, the surfaces of the facet joint are tightly connected to each other and its movement occurs smoothly without significant pressure. With an uneven or increased load on the joints, thinning or destruction of the articular cartilage occurs. Usually, these changes occur gradually, over a long period of time, which is accompanied by a gradual disease symptoms development.


  • Pain at rest, slightly decreasing while walking
  • Lumbar restriction
  • Stiffness in motion
  • Hypersensitivity to the lower back

As a rule, with Spondylarthritis, numbness and impaired movement in the legs are not observed, however, with severe, advanced forms of the disease, these symptoms may occur.

Diagnosis of Spondyloarthritis is based mainly on the results of a medical history and physical exam.
Doctors may order imaging and blood tests to confirm the diagnosis.
X-rays of the sacroiliac joints, a pair of joints in the pelvis, often show changes called sacroiliitis in people with Spondyloarthritis. If these changes do not show up on X-ray but symptoms suggest Spondyloarthritis, the doctor may take a magnetic resonance image (MRI) that can show these changes before an X-ray can. A blood test for the HLA-B27 gene can also help confirm a suspected diagnosis of Spondyloarthritis, although not everyone with the gene will develop arthritis.
We are a leading clinic in Ukraine on the use of radio frequency Neuroablation.

Spondyloarthritis is very rarely an indication for any surgical treatment.
In most cases, it is successfully treated with conservative methods of treatment which can ease symptoms and potentially slow disease progression. Treatment focuses on reducing pain, improving or maintaining mobility, and reducing risk of complications.

Biological therapy. The most innovative and effective methods of conservative treatment of Spondyloarthritis are methods of biological therapy. These include PRP therapy, Cytokine therapy, and MSK therapy. PRP is a serum rich in platelets, growth factors taken from the blood, which accelerates the healing process of acute and chronic injuries. Growth factors are chemicals that initiate the healing process. The injections of PRP in the area of injury stimulates the regeneration process, accelerates healing, and promotes the speedy resolution of the inflammatory process.

MSK-therapy – this method of treatment using stem cells is considered as an innovative, advanced method of therapy based on their key feature – undifferentiation (not belonging to any specific tissue), and, therefore, they have the ability to multiply and develop into specialized cells various fabrics.

Radiofrequency Neuroablation of facet joints is being used in cases where conservative therapy does not bring relief. The essence of the procedure is the temperature treatment of sensitive nerves that transmit pain impulses. After a successful outpatient procedure, a long term significant decrease in pain is noted.

We will help to solve your problems with the spine due to the most innovative and effective treatment methods that are used in leading clinics in America and Europe.

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